R29 Emotions Shoot

Art Direction

Together with the Refinery29 Stock Photo team, we created a series of images that would be used primarily for the R29 Snapchat Discover platform. The series aimed to evoke a younger side of the brand and create a library of images that portray different emotions that align with the topics that are popular on the channel. 

Artboard 5Artboard 5
Artboard 7Artboard 7
Artboard 6Artboard 6
Artboard 8Artboard 8

Photographer: Erin Yamagata
Produced by: Julie Borowsky & Lorenna Gomez-Sanchez
Designer: Elysia Berman
Stylist: Michelle Li
Models: Shaliqua Alleyne, Michelle Li, Paola Delucca & Chloe Snower